Cypress’ advanced system-level solutions are Embedded in Tomorrow™. We target markets growing faster than the broader semiconductor industry, including automotive, industrial and consumer electronics markets. Our world-class, secure wireless technology—along with our MCUs, memories, analog ICs and USB controllers—give us an unparalleled competitive advantage in the Internet of Things, and a jump on emerging markets, including connected appliances and autonomous cars.

Some people accept the world as it is. Then there’s the rest of us–the people who see room for improvement and tinker with what most take for granted.

We see a world of problems AND IT IS AWESOME. Problems get us thinking. Problems push boundaries. Problems make tomorrow more interesting.

We love problems because we’re obsessed with creating solutions. So bring them on. It's what we live for. It's what we're here to do.


Cypress 3.0 is our plan to target markets growing faster than the broader semiconductor industry with embedded systems solutions: combinations of MCUs, wireless connectivity, analog, USB and memory products plus the software to enable them to work together flawlessly.

Nothing excites us more than human ingenuity. As engineers, our role is to give innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers the tools to create breakthrough products and disrupt markets–in record time.

Our corporate strengths lie in the following brand attributes:


Our solutions give innovators the foundation they need to go above and beyond. With built-in security and PSoC® MCUs, products can get to market faster, safer and smarter.


When the product has to work the first time–every time–we are the one company you can count on. We work with the power of a big company but execute at the speed of a startup.


We understand the importance of speed-to-market. We solve problems quickly, accelerate your designs, deliver our products in weeks and respond to you in hours.


We anticipate the needs of innovators. We create solutions for problems no one else is solving.


No problem is too big for us. We thrive on overcoming the biggest challenges.


We consistently introduce original, creative, new ideas with our customers in mind.


Embedded systems enable solutions that sense, connect, learn and respond to make life easier, save time and energy, and provide a better user experience.


Cypress is the global supplier of choice for innovative companies in high-growth markets. Our commitment is to provide high quality, value-driven embedded solutions on time with world-class support. We are committed to the success of our customers, the development of our employees, and the increase of shareholder value.

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